K…here is a pair that i finished for my sister for her birthday, she loves the knee highs…hehe.

Rhy :XX:

WOWeeee!! those are lovely.

Those are beeeeeautiful!

Oops…made a mistake posting that one…sorry!!!

Thanks for the compliment on these, I totally love the color & so did my sis, her feet are warm thats for sure. She works in the O.R here at our hospital & all the other nurses & docs love them, alittle ‘cool’ in those rooms i think


Such pretty colors! What yarn did you use for these? I like it.

I used a yarn called fortissima socka, just grabbed the wrapper & checked, it was color #1352 and it’s part of their ‘modern art’ collection.

(yes, i save all my wrappers so that i know what i used before, im a freak)

Rhy :lol:

:cheering: :cheering: I just love them :wink:


Oh i love them too, they have sooo many colors…am running out of people to knit them for( I need an excuse to spend that money, hard to spend it on yourself all the time…hehehe)

Rhy :XX:

ooh how I love socks!!! :cheering: :cheering: :heart: :cheering: :cheering:

They look fantastic! The toes are so perfect :slight_smile:

We sheesh, thanks guys(the toes arent perfect if you get close)…hehe. I am still forcing myself to learn grafting…ugh, practice makes perfect though right!!

Rhy :XX:

Super socks! I really want to have a go now!

Thanks for posting the yarn - I think its great you save the labels. I’ve started doing that too so I can keep track of what I like.
But your yarn is just way cool. I love it!