What is a nice, easy sock pattern for a new knitter to try that has never attempted socks?

Have you seen Silver’s sock tutorial?

I had not…TY, TY :smiley:

Also highly recommend the North Country Cotton baby sock…knitting baby socks in worsted cotton (I’ve done them with Bernat CottonTots) goes SO much more quickly than adult socks but involves all the same principles you need to know, plus there are Amy’s handy videos at crucial stages of sock knitting.

I was looking to try a sock too so thank you for the question and answers! Wondering what types of yarn people recommend for socks? One of the replies suggested a pattern with worsted cotton, is that a good start for a beginner knitter? Thanks :slight_smile:

:smiley: I would recommend a worsted yarn for your 1st sock project & dpns in size 6 or 7, this way you will have a larger yarn & needle so it won’t be so awkward as u practice your 1st sock. Most people tend to feel intimidated if they try their 1st sock using small, fingering wt. yarn & little size 1 or 2 dpns. Have fun & don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions :wink: