Socks: wrong row vs right row

i’m working on a pair of socks on dpns…just experimenting as i go. i did about 2 inches of ribbing, and then wanted to switch to stockinette.

when i would knit a round, the bumps appear on the outside…
and when i purl a row, the stockinette v’s are on the outside.

so i’ve continued purling every row. i thought i would be able to knit every row. have i done something wrong?

please help! :hug:

It sounds as though you might be knitting inside out. Are the needle tips closest to you or on the far side of your knitting? To switch, flip your work outside in.

I agree with suzeeq except now if you were wanting stockinette you will need to resume one row of knit and one row of purl rather than doing all purl rows. You may have to undo some rows (additional ones of purl) in order to bring it back to that.

the needles tips are on the far side, i think…
now i’m confused.
when i purl every row, it looks like stockinette on the outside…

Susan, she’s knitting in the round, not flat.

knittingbrooke, you’re working inside out. The purls are on the inside of the your sock and the knit (v) stitches on the outside. You need to go back to where you finished the ribbing, flip the tube inside out and knit every round with the needle tips pointed toward you. Look at this thread - - for some pictures that show the right way to hold your work.

thank you thank you thank you.
that probably explains a lot of the problems i’ve faced.
i’m going to rip it out and start over, though this time with excitement instead of frustration.
yay! thanks so much!

Oh…that makes no sense to me but I rarely use circs so no wonder. cheers

however i should have realised given the explanation said that stockinette was being produced…just on the wrong side