Socks, worsted wt. & fingerling yarn confusion

Hiiiiiiii! Hm. Ok, I have a question that I’m sure I could probably find an answer for but would like your opinions anyway.

I’m not sure exactly what the difference is between worsted weight and fingerling. I guess the one is much thinner and lighter.
Is that all? I just finished that first pair of socks finally and I used
Peace Fleece. They are gorgeous, but they are HUGE.

(the picture is over in Recently Finished Projects, a big green sock)

My husband tried the finished pair on last night and went BERSERKO over how fantastic they feel. (I think he’ll be buying me needles and yarn wo grumbling now) So, it looks like I might have to give these to him and make my own pair. My other question besides the above, about the weight of yarn, is
has anyone made this pair of socks from that book Knit Socks!?

It’s on size 3 needles, and a cast on of 48 stitches. Amy, you probably know this in your sleep: is it difficult to size down the pattern? LIke do 44 stitches or 36 stitches so it’s dividable by 4 needles. (I use 5 needles). I’m worried about the end when decreasing, how to make sure the stitches are the right amount.

I’m going to get Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book…I want to learn how to knit something without a pattern! How cool that must be.

Ok, enough ruminating. Thanks for any suggestions/insights.

Finger is thinner than worsted and I think it’s also generally softer. :? As for the book Knit Socks … I’m not familiar with that book, but I’ve made a pair of sock from this book. They were surprisingly easy. I keep saying I’m going to make another pair since my mother somehow “acquired” the first pair, but I just haven’t gotten to them yet … :frowning: So many things to knit … so little time :cry:

DK (double knit) sport yarn is best for socks, I think. My lys lady gave me the whole rundown when I was shopping for the kal socks. I think this type is inbetween fingering and worsted yarn.

Here’s a link with the different sizes of yarn (even with guages) to help you: Yarn Weights

thanks! helpful… will check that site out.

Has a nice substitution/weight chart also, and lets you know where their yarns fit into the “weight” category.