Socks with Turkish CO and ML?

Does anyone have a pattern that starts with the turkish cast on (toe-up) and uses Magic Loop? (OR explain how to continue?)

I’m attempting my first socks. :scratchinghead: I’m doing magic loop, but there are no tutorials for ONE sock on ML. :shrug: (I’ve read Silver’s tutorials, but can’t follow it b/c my yarn is not the same gauge as what she recommends and I want to do ONE sock at a time using ML.)
I got a recommendation to use the Turkish CO (easier than provisional and makes a nice toe)([COLOR=#e88787]…h-cast-on.html[/COLOR]) and got that figured out (VERY EASY!), but it doesn’t tell me what to do from there.

I’m using [I]ONLINE Supersocke[/I] and my stitch gauge is 6 sts/" and my row gauge is 8 sts/". Does anyone have a free pattern with very explicit instructions on how to continue from the Turkish CO?

Thanks for your help!:hug:

I’ve used the Turkish cast on tutorial to start bags and because they’re only 3-4" across, have to use ML. After you have the cast on, just take a needle end and start knitting. You have to push your stitches around a bit when you get the first side done. Since I was making a bag, I didn’t increase like you do for socks, but you would put the incs at the sides I think. I’m not sure how to explain it to you…

Okay. That’s what I’ve done. After CO,
K row
K 1F&B, K to 2 sts b/f end of stitches, k1FB, k1, repeat for Sts on other needle.
Repeated those two rows and it LOOKS like the toe is wide enough. I’m not exactly sure how to tell!
Then, do I just continue knitting until it’s time for the heel?

I think so, I’ve never done socks. It depends on how many increases you need to do.

Hi all-

If you go back to my Turkish Cast On tutorial and read to the bottom of the page you will find a link that takes you to another post that explains how to use the TCO for a wedge toe, a star toe and a pouch!

Hope this helps!


Thank you SO much! I’ve had that page open on my computer for days, and I missed it! Much appreciated!