Socks - single circular needle?

Has anyone tried knitting socks with a singular circular needle? I’m wondering if the Addi 12" (size 2 or 3) might work.

I’ve done baby sweater sleeves on a 12", but not socks…I think it might be a little tight. Don’t let me discourage you…try it. I was told I couldn’t do the baby sleeves with them and it works for me. If you do try let us know…either way…it’d be great to hear.

Our very own Kemp has 10" stretchy circulars in her store, just for sock knitting! I haven’t tried them so can’t attest to how they are but if she sells them, I’m sure they’re great!

Look Here

Oh my gosh…I’m getting my credit card out!!! I thought I was flying when I discovered 12"!


I just ordered them…FREE SHIPPING!!!

Thanks - I just ordered a pair and look forward to trying them!