Socks scare me

I’m a sock virgin, and just bought a bunch of sock yarn (discountable on, yay). I am planning on making several pair for Christmas gifts. My problem is that I hate using DPNs, prefer to use circs for knitting in the round. Is it possible to use circs? Does anyone have any SIMPLE sock patterns? Much appreciated!

Socks look harder than what they really are…once you make the first one and see how the sock comes together they will be a walk in the park. Yep you can also use circs for your sock making, I like to use Magic Loop but a lot of knitters like using 2circs.

Silver’s Sock Class offers different choices and pictures to help you along the way :thumbsup:

Don’t be scared of socks! They’re easy, I swear. I love my DPNs now that I am used to them. I prefer them to a circular needle anyday.
Anyways, I think a lot of the KHers will agree with me when I recommend Silver’s Sock Class. Scroll down and you’ll see that she has three options- One sock on 4 DPNs- labelled as easy, Two toe up socks on one circular- labelled as moderate, and One toe-up sock on one circular needle- also labelled moderate.

I would recommend starting with DPNs to understand the construction and because I think that everyone should at least give them a chance. People used them to make socks for many many years, don’t you want to see how it has always been done?

I agree with learning how to make socks with DPNs. Using them makes sense out of the construction.

Silver’s sock tutorial is great because she puts the number of stitches you’ll need to make the heel flap and turn on 2 needles so you don’t need to mess with moving stitches to other needles, which complicates things for the novice.

I, personally, use 3 DPNs - needles 1 and 3 holding the “heel” stitches and needle 2 holding the “instep” stitches.

The trick to DPNs is knowing how to hold them, obviously. Just make sure that the right side of each needle is over the top of the left side of the needle before it. So you’re always working over the needles not underneath them. Did that make sense?

Don’t be afraid, jump right in. You’ll become addicted.

I’m afraid of socks because they take me sooo long. I have made one sock, and I don’t even like it that much (I cast on too tight and the cuff has to be worn folded down to fit well), but it’d be silly not to at least have a complete pair.

After you do a few rounds, DPNs really aren’t so bad.

I learned using this booklet because it was at the Michaels when I was looking at sock yarn so I figured I would try it. They have a very basic sock pattern (ribbed cuff, stockinette stitch for the rest) in fine, worsted, and chunky weight. I did the fine, but to learn I would probably suggest the worsted or chunky just to speed things up and not delay gratification quite so much.

I used dbl pts for sock making when i learned back in the 70’s/80’s. Now I prefer 2 circs. Whichever type of needle you decide on, I’d rcommend just make one sock first. Once you understand how a sock is made, if you use magic loop or 2 circs it’s easy to make 2 socks at once. You can do 2 at once with dbl pts, but it’s a bit more tricky.

I learned 2 circ method using this site:
but also highly recommend the previously mentioned Silver’s site.

I use the two circs and both socks at the same time. Antje Gillingham has a wonderful book on how to do both socks at the same time, " Knitting Circles Around Socks". She just came out with a second book which covers top to toe and toe-up. I haven’t seen it yet but if it is anything like her first book it is excellent. The pictures are excellent and the explanations are very good in the first book!

Socks don’t scare me. I absolutely love how beautiful and intricate handmade knitted socks can be. I wanted to knit them so badly.

However, I was really scared of the double-pointed needles. So, one weekend, I printed out the instructions from Silver’s Sock Class (the [B]One Sock on Four DPNs[/B]). It took me a while and my finished project was pretty scary-looking but at least it was in the shape of a sock! Now I’m up to my fourth pair of socks, simple but classic. I love knitting socks and I really love dpns.

I hope you can overcome your fear and learn how wonderful socks can be.

I had the same problem with the cuff and tried the Norweigan (or German) cast on and it works great! Hugs the leg and you don’t get the gapping. I found a tutorial on youtube.:mrgreen:

My sock experience is limited, however I prefer the 2 circ method. I just needed to use my longer circs so the needle parts are down out of my way. On dpn’s, try different numbers - 4 total (3 on sock & working with 1) or 5 total. I found that different times I liked one over the other.

I learned on “Sensational Knitted Socks”. It has directions for 2 circs & 4 & 5 dpn’s. Just follow the correct column. Check the publisher’s web site’s errata page! (as we should anytime we follow a printed pattern) I still like the book tho.

Next time, I want to do 2 socks at once. I’m going to do what was suggested on another thread this and put the balls of yarn into the sock to keep things from getting tangled.

Perhaps your library has books & videos on sock knitting.

Have fun! :knitting: