Socks out of Patons Chacha yarn

So I was going thru my large stash of yarn and found some yarn that I had actually forgotten about. Since I’m on a sock kick right now I was thinking about making a pair of socks out of it but I’m not sure if it would work ok. Is there anyone out there that has dabled at making socks out of this yarn?

Thanks in advance!:knitting:

You can make socks out of any yarn, but you won’t necessarily be able to fit them into a shoe. :teehee:

My grandson had me make a pair of socks for him, and he picked out some fuzzy-wuzzy stuff. I made tube socks for him to wear as slippers.

Thanks for the reply:

yeah I was definatley thinking about using them for lazy day socks. I think that I’ll start them in a couple days and see. I’ll post pictures when done

I would imagine they would be slippery too…