Socks on two needles

Who’s tried it? What’s the difference between these types of socks and the kind knitted in the round? (except for a tad bit more seaming)…

I just do not like knitting on circs or DPN’s – and I came across a pattern for socks on two needles and I love it! shrug Maybe I’m weird. LOL

I love my circulars for large items (like the baby blanket) but that’s it. Ok, yep – I’m strange. :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone else tried knitting socks on two straight needles?

Where is this pattern, I’d like to take a look!

I don’t like seaming and certainly wouldn’t like seams in my socks, but if you don’t mind go for it!

BTW… using circs and DPNs just takes practice. :wink:

You might enjoy circular knitting for the small diameter stuff using the magic loop method. It is a lot more like knitting back and forth than circular since you pull alternating ends of the needle to knit each half of the circle. Amy has a great video for that!

I’ve got the book - socks soar on two circular needles - but I have yet to try it. I have the stretchy needles from Kemp’s store and started to try that out. For some reason though the unfinished sock(s) still remain unfinished. I can’t work out why (nothing to do with the beautiful swap pal yarns or the lush bamboo yarn I got for a snip, or the outstanding second bombshell in cotton / tencel or the other stuff getting in the way) =P

DPN’d do take some practice but to work on them I used Silvers Sock Class which helped immensely as it has pictures which helps to see how to hold them properly.

shrug I’ve taken a look at the sock class online. I’ve tinkered with the magic loop method and also on two circulars. I don’t know… it just does nothing for me. I don’t mind seaming that much. There is only one seam to sew up when the ones on two straights are finished. :slight_smile:

The pattern is in a book called ‘knitted accessories’. I don’t know if there is one available online. I’ve looked but haven’t found any yet. I just love love love this pattern - the whole book in fact. It has a lot of circular objects that are done on two needles (such as gloves, fingerless gloves, leg warmers, beanies/hats, bags/purses, etc). :smiley: DH works at a local book store as a senior staff member so I’m going to ask him to see if he can get me a copy today. The one I have I checked out from the libraray so unfortunately I have to return it.

I’ve done socks on two needles and they are just fine. You do have to be careful to do nonlumpy seams, that’s all. I would certainly do them again. Mine are made with Bernat Sox yarn, in bright red and yellow. Lots of crazy stripes and checks and stuff. Very weird sox!!! I have discovered the short row heel and quite like to do that on dps. No picking up stitches!! Have fun with your socks!!! samm