Socks on two circulars

This was not nearly as fun as I had hoped. I ordered some KP classic circs in wee sizes to try this out. This was my first attempt at using 16" circular needles, and clearly I wasn’t thinking about how small the tips would have to be to get them this short. The tips are so small that my hands get sore trying to hold them.

The two circ method wasn’t successful for me. Even with the smooth joins on KP classic circs, I got stitches caught in the join. I also had problems with the glare off the shiny KP needles. I finally just gave up and worked my sock onto dpns, and now everything is lovely. Seems like a lot more fiddling with the work to move it around on the needle using two circs–the same thing I felt about my one attempt with Magic Loop. You guys who successfully use two circs or ML either knit looser than I do, or you have infinitely more patience.

This was my first attempt at using actual sock yarn as well, and I wasn’t quite prepared for how thin that yarn is. It is self-striping yarn, so I’m kind of grooving on having stripes in my socks without having to do any actual work.

I guess I’m destined to be a dpn kind of guy, and that’s OK. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me (remember Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live?).


You know, so far I feel more comfortable with dpns as well. Seems strange, but true.

I’m too sceeeeered to try it. :pout: I love my dbl points. maybe we should start a club

I love ML. It does seem like a bit too much fiddling at first but once you get the hang of it it’s much faster than DPNs (at least for me).

Different strokes for different folks.

I haven’t tried two circs, or even one circ magic loop, but I have no trouble with the double points.

JoeE … I can imagine that if it was your first time using sock yarn, that it was a bit tough. I actually like both methods of knitting socks, it just sort of depends on my mood. Either way, it’s always entertaining to see the expression on people’s faces when they see you knitting with all those needles. :wink:

Yeah! I vote for impressing folks with the multitude of needle points sticking out all over and hands performing rapid movements to knit socks in defiance of them!!! I actually did try two circs once, and maybe should have stuck with it, but it seemed slow and shoving the work around was slower for me than the dps ever were. I have a small addi circ that I just did the cuff of a sock on, and it’s quick, but I shift to dps so it’s easy to do the heel, without markers all over and such. I also noticed that the cuff kinda veers off a bit, leaning tower of sock cuff, and I think it might be the yarn having been pulled on the circ? What do you think? I am not too concerned, as it does lie flat if I fold the cuff. samm


I had the same problem when tried socks on 2 circs. Of course I was using circs with stiffer cables (like Boye’s) but I got terrible ladders. :wall:
I never get ladders on dpns. :happydance:

I still want to try ML especially after reading Silver’s tutorial, but i’ll always have my dpns to fall back on. (And it does look impressive when you KIP) :rofl:


Well I admire you for trying. I haven’t done ANY sock knititng you although Silver told me (too) about the ML 2 circ method…
I also am kind scared of sock yarn… it’s wt is a 1… :pout: I can’t imagine something being so thin to work with …but some people love it… so I am going to give it a try (eventually) :??
BTW: I think our kniting experience is like life experiences you have to learn new things along the way… and somethings will work for you and some don’t ~
But KUDOS :notworthy: :notworthy: for your efforts~!

OT: MASON: YOU CHANGED YOUR AVATAR PIC:: Now you have a RED shirt on~! :eyebrow: :eyebrow: but the pipe didn’t go very far did it… :eyebrow: :teehee:

There’s nothing at all wrong with socknitting with dpns! I love it. LOL, I did say in the past that i would never try anything else, but I do all of my socknitting with the 2 circ method now. It may be, too, that the 16" circs’ having the short needle has made it more difficult, too. I don’t like to knit socks with 16" circs because of this reason, I find that 2-24" circs are perfect…but so is knitting your socks with dpns :wink:

I second the vote for Magic Loop. One reason I am liking it is Silver’s Sock tutorial with 2 socks at the same time using ML. COOL BEANS!

Now granted I’m making socks with size 5 circs and worsted weight wool but I can’t imagine it being any different with smaller size circs and sock weight yarn.

First, practice ML with stash yarn while watching Amy’s amazing video. Then when you are comfortable with the technique, try a pair of socks with Silver’s tutorial.

Fun, fun, fun – now I can see why people like making socks.

Susan (yes, I can use DPNs, I’m just glad I no longer have to :teehee: )

You might have more luck with a longer cable. I do socks on two circulars, but my cable length is at least 24"… :shrug:

I HATE when I get ladders on DPNs, that’s why I started doing them on 2 circs.

I’m working on the second of a pair of socks using 2 circs (#2, 24" options) and I don’t know whether I like this format yet or not. I’ve always worked socks on dpns. It definitely isn’t faster, but on my next pair I’m going to try two at once and see how that works. I bought a set of #2 circs and #1 circs from KP. Very nice, but I really like my Brittany Birches.

When I first started this method, I thought I was going to get a ladder at the end of each needle, but they’ve tightened up nicely. I can’t imagine ML being any better/faster than these two methods so I think I’ll skip that process and save myself the cost of buying really long circulars.

I use DPN’s and don’t get ladders now that I knit Conti … I did when I knit English :shrug: I used to move my stitches each round to avoid them but with Conti I don’t have to.

The only reason I haven’t tried Magic Loop or 2 circs on socks is because I don’t have any tips small enough …

I’m gonna try two circs after I’ve managed to get a couple projects off the needles.

I haven’t knit with dpns too much and saddly they’re not something I think I’d use much. Every time I knit with them, my carpal tunnel starts cussing at me after three rows.

I’m still new at sock knitting and using DPN’s. I’m finally beginning to get comfortable with them. I have all the books and DVD’s for circulars but for now I’m sticking with double points. What are ladders by the way? I keep looking for them in my socks but I can’t find what everyone is talking about? Maybe I’m just so happy to have all the stitches stay on the needle I’m missing something :??

I’ve tried ML, but it just didn’t “click” like working with DPNs did. Of course, it could also be due to the fact that I’m using my Denises, which I’ve heard it’s much trickier trying to work ML on them as opposed to the KP Options.

KathyinCali, ladders are these little loose stitches that occasionally pop up where you join each round either working with circulars or DPNs. When your work is stretched on the needles, the join(s) looks like a little ladder of elongated stitches that tend to pucker once you’ve completed the piece and the stretch relaxes. I’ve actually never had trouble with join ladders using DPNs. I have experienced that when working in the round on my circs (like when I’ve made hats in the past). I just found that tugging that join stitch nice and tight eliminates the problem.

My husband stares in amazement when I work with my DPNs. I’ll ask him, “what’s so amusing?” and he’ll say, “I’m just amazed at how you can work with so many needles and not poke yourself in the eye.” :teehee: