Socks on the Magic loop

I am looking for a sock pattern on the Magic loop. so if anyone can share a pattern would be GREAT…

I have fringer weight yarn already I wear a size 6 in shoe so PLEASE HELP ME !!

Jenifer Peters

Magic loop is a technique, but should really have no effect on the pattern. Instead, I would look for patterns designed to be knit on 5 DPNs (instead of the more common 4) since half your stitches will be on one side of the magic loop and the other have of the stitches on the other half of the loop, it’ll be easy to translate the 4 needles of stitches into the half and half of magic loop.
I’m not sure that’s entirely clear, but either way, I don’t think you should limit yourself ot patterns specifically for magic loop.
Does that make sense?

yes thank you :XX: :thumbsup: