Socks on Knitty Gritty today!

I see that socks are the hype here. I’m new to knitting so I’ve been watching knitty gritty alot lately. Sometimes just “watching” people knitt helps me. I’ve never attempted socks and once we have a little extra money I’d like to get a pair of DPNs and try out some socks. But I thought I would share this bit of stuff that they did on knitty gritty for a realtively simple (or so they said) sock. I know there is the online class for socks, but it never hurts to have more things to look at.

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:smiley: Hi Danielle, thanks for the link…that’s the show that I watched that helped me :figureditout: understand knitting socks…I think it’s wonderful! There’s also a couple of videos on the site that are very helpful, as well as several very useful tips.
I’m sure that you will enjoy socks when you begin :wink: I’m very addicted to knitting socks :wink:

Thanks for posting this. I don’t get DIY here, so I usually don’t check out the Knitty Gritty site.

I figure since I’m pretty new, I need all the resources I can get! :slight_smile: I hate the rainy season (my hubby does concrete work). Money is always tight and I’m so excited to start, just don’t have the extra money to get started! AHHHH


Does anyone know of some place that might sell the dpns cheap? I’d just like to pratice/start. I can always get a nicer set later!

All we have in Canada is Michaels and WM for cheap supplies. Mike’s has a lousy selection and no-so-great prices IMO. The WM I work at has a half-decent selection of dpns, and the prices are decent. Definitely enough to get you started, although most WMs don’t carry sock yarn in any form. Depending on what you already have at home, you could buy a set of size 3 or 4 dpns and take some WW acrylic out of your stash and make some “slipper socks” to practice on. Another place to look for cheap supplies is an Odd Lots/Liquidation World type place, or dollar stores. Some of them are treasure troves! HTH,

My friend watched that and said it scared her, lol. We’re new knitters and socks seem daunting to us. I couldn’t watch because I’m in Canada and I checked to see if we get Knitty Gritty and we don’t :(.

You can always make yer own needles real cheap. Visit yer local hardware store and ask for dowels. THey come in different sizes like 1/4 inch and 5/8 of an inch. You can tell just by looking at some of them if they’re a size 4 or 6 needles. They usually come in 36 inch lengths. They usually cost about 50 cents. Then you take it home and you can cut them by scoring with scissors or something and they’ll just snap. Measure out to 5 equal sizes, put each end in a pencil sharpener, get some wood oil or light varnish or somethin and voila!

I watch Knitty Gritty every day. I can’t wait until they have NEW episodes!! I wish they did not move so fast during their “showing” parts. But I did learn how to do a few things also by watching them.

I learned how to knit socks from the Toe Up. I took classes at my LYS and I’ve been knitting them ever since. It took a few tries before my brain 'got it" but once it did click I find them easy to do. Good luck in learning. YOu’ll love them once you get to knit them. :XX: :XX:

Hi! I’m in Victoria, Texas. Have you looked at Hobby Lobby? Is there one near you? They have good prices for dpns, and look for a 50% off sale in thier flyer. :slight_smile:

Ahhh I live in a little town called Jefferson. It’s 2300 people and my nearest Yarn store is walmart. I know, get a good laugh! The hobby lobby, michael’s and yarn stores are in longview. It’s about 45 miles one way. So imo, it would probably be “cheaper” to buy them online since gas prices are just out of control.

What is a nice, not overly expensive pair that I could get online? I’m sure certain brands/types are better than others!

I might even look to make some like it was suggested. I’ll just have to see what will be easiest!

Also what is good “sock” yarn? I know my walmart probably wont carry it, so I’ll have to order that online too. I hate not being able to touch/feel!

Thanks ladies!


When it comes to dpns, I find that each person’s tastes are different. I have a set of Bryspuns that I don’t care for in the least, but there are others on this forum that can’t get enough of them. You will get the same arguments with metal, bamboo, or whatever. Some thing goes with sock yarn. The most important thing IMO is that what you use is superwash {if it’s wool}, and has some nylon content so that it has stretch. Otherwise you will need to handwash {or in-the-shower-wash like my hubby does}, and possibly use a strand of wooly nylon for added stretch while knitting.

My 2¢ {CAD} that you should try a couple of things before deciding on going one way or the other. {Keep in mind that all prices I’m giving are in Canadian dollars, prices there should be significantly lower} I pay about $3.50-4.00 for a set of Red Heart metal dpns at work, and I can get them as small as 2.75mm {size 2?}. I know that Mike’s carries some bamboo, but the prices are about $6-7 a set and the size selection is lousy. Higher-end bamboo {and other woods}, Addi’s, Bryspun and the like are only available at LYSs and online usually. If WM carries a sock yarn, it would be Bernat Sox, which is an acrylic/nylon blend for about $3/ball, and okay for socks, but not as good as wool. Mike’s carries no sock yarn at all. You can start out with a heavier weight of yarn and slightly larger needles to “get the hang of” making socks, or you can do like me and dive right in with fingering weight and 3.25mm dpns!

For actual yarns, so far I’ve used Bernat Sox and Patons Kroy in fingering weight, and Briggs & Little Tuffy in WW. I have a decent sock yarn stash that I haven’t dived into yet except for some Scheppjes {sp?} that I cast on recently for a lace sock. The Sox was very smooth to work with and very forgiving {as many acrylic/acrylic blends tend to be}, and I found the Kroy a little rougher, but not horribly so. The Tuffy… well, that wasn’t a superwash anyway, and they were for hubby, so I made an exception! The Scheppjes is a bit softer than the Kroy, but I found my ball splitting a bit.

The best place to start looking online for something beyond what the big box stores has would probably be KnitPicks. Their prices are great, and a good selection too. Better than that, if you click through one of the ads for it on this site, Amy gets a tiny kickback to help with the immense cost of running this site for us.

Carol_OH (a forum member) has great prices on new and used DPNs: :smiley: