Socks on knitty gritty (diynetwork)!

Today is a new knitty gritty on DIY network, for those that get it. It should be 803 if you don’t get it but want to look it up on their website.

These socks are toe up (1 at a time) on dpns, with a lace pattern. They are just GORGOUS! I’d definitely love to try them out…along with a million other projects :slight_smile:



Here’s the link for the page.

oh why don’t I have DIY?! :verysad:

And I also noticed that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is scheduled for April 17th. More socks!

:cheering: I loved yesterday’s show with Cookie A… the way she showed the figure 8 CO made so much more sense to me than trying to figure out from a book… The tips she gave on smaller yarn overs and the wrap and turns will come in handy too…

I’m not sure if I like the new way KG is being taped… seems off balance or something to me… just take some time getting used to it I guess… :teehee:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I noticed something a couple of days ago that just did not seem right, but since I PVR the show, I thought maybe something went wonky with the recording. However, I noticed it on the next show I watched too. The kids thought I was nuts.

It almost makes me feel nauseous when watching it. Odd… :??

Loved the show! Usually the projects are a bit more basic and sometimes more basic than I’d like… this one was a bit too advanced! That’s ok, I appreciate the challenge. It was GREAT to see Cookie A knitting a heel and I will definitely watch it again when I get to the heel of the socks I am knitting now. I think I will forget the heel I had planned and try this one.

That was a great lace tip, too, about the YO’s. I haven’t knit much lace yet but I can see how that tip is useful!

Yes, I feel the same way about how it’s taped!!! I don’t get it! But it’s definitely “off” somehow.

I think that Cookie ep was the best yet! :cheering:

I have KG shows saved on Tivo from a year ago - LOL. It’s the reason I tried knitting again.

I haven’t watched yesterday’s episode yet, but it sounds like another keeper.

The socks episode was good I agree but yeah I don’t like the new filming either. And they are playing more music now so its hard to hear what they’re saying. and when cookie was talking most of the time the camera was on her face not on her hands!!! I didn’t care for the felted man bag episode and I haven’t finished watching the party episode with the party dishcloths or whatever that was all about. Maybe we should mass mail the production company and tell them we don’t like the new style of filming. :shrug:

When I saw what they were doing with the mens’ bags, I deleted. I usually try to watch all of the shows so I can pick up basic tips, but with me writing oodles of college papers, my time is at a premium.

I was thinking, though, of looking for an email address to comment about the filming.

I noticed this too!! :-x

I’m so disappointed. They used to run KG in my area on Sat and Sun, but now it’s only during the week. No TIVO, no recorder. No KG anymore. Boo!

That was a good episode…and I wondered what the deal was with the filming, too. And why do they sit two people on the couch right next to each other… it looks strange and crowded. :?? Vicki looks different, too. :??

I sent them an email and got a generic, “Thanks for watching” email back. Wonder if anyone will actually read my message. :shrug:

Vicki does look different…maybe she’s pg? :thinking:

Yes, but some of the previous episodes have looked that way as well. Maybe she’s just eating too much right before they film??

Her blog says she just got married??? :??

So funny, I just cast on for these socks and when I looked at General Knitting just now, I saw there was a thread about them!
I think Vicky is pregnant, maybe that is why she got married? She has the pregnant face, not to mention the belly lol.
Halfway through the show my cable went out (DOH!) so I will have to wing it for the rest of my sock. I saw it until right before the gusset. The pattern is pretty complicated so I hope I will be able to get it right!

I love that pattern!!!

I just love that show. I too have notice the different in the filming of it. Like they are using cheap film, or running rerun. ( which I know they are new show so that can’t be it)

Yes, even Vicky looks different.

It make watching the show hard.

And Thanks you for post the link. I want to start a pair of socks. With all this talk about toe up. I might have to give that a try. I love the idea of making the sock as long as you want. I love long socks. With it on KG that will make it much easier. :cheering: