Socks on itty bitty needles... any hints?

I am struggling to make socks on these tiny #2 needles. I don’t have a problem with DPNs in general, but these tiny ones are giving me fits. It’s a lot harder to keep from getting ladders and just to knit in general. Any hints??

First of all, those ladders will lesson once you finish and either block or wash the sock. To prevent ladders, I have better luck using 5 DPNs rather than 4, and also tighten up the SECOND stitch after moving to a new DPN. That automatically tightens that first stitch next to the ladder. Some people also move some of the stitches from one DPN to the other every few rows to keep from having that vertical space. It gets better with practice, I promise~

Switch to doing socks on 2 circulars. I find that I can knit tighter with 2 circs than dpns so I can get the same gauge with a larger needle. I can get the same gauge with size 3 circs as I can get with size 2 dpns. Working socks on 2 circs also eliminates ladders and gaps in the gusset at least in my experience. You don’t have to worry about the needles falling out either.

I also knit socks on two circs. The directions were simple enough, and you can find them online.

I began sockknitting with dpns and had the same trouble you did. Plus, I always seemed to be picking up an extra stitch from time to time.

I honestly feel that the knitting goes quicker, too. My favs for sock knitting are Knitpicks Options because I like the way the cable drapes itself while I’m using the ‘busy’ needle.

It seems to be going okay now. I moved the stitches over a few stitches after a couple rows and it helped. PLUS the number of stitches left me doing the start of a needle with a purl which was causing problems. I made the number of stitches work so that I always start with a knit and it helped a HUGE amount.

Thanks for the suggestions! :hug:

Glad you figured it out, Jan. I too have lots of problems when I have to start a round with a purl.

I find that the tendency to ladder can be minimized by keeping the two working needles on top of the non-working needles. And yes, laddering seems to happen easier when that first stitch is a purl. I prefer to use 4 needles rather than five; going from one needle to the next slows me down, and I figure 3 changes is less of a slowdown for me than 4 changes. And it’s one less spot for a potential ladder! Keeping the yarn taut for a few stitches before and after the change of needles is important, too.

I’ve never tried it with 5 needles. Might have to give that a try, too. Thanks!

Using 5 needles instead of 4 makes a HUGE difference. My knitting ends up more uniform, too, I guess because I’m not trying to compensate for the ‘gaps’ between needles.