Socks on DPNs - ladder problem

Maybe someone out there can help me out. I’ve made one pair of socks on DPNs (currently starting my second pair). I was able to avoid ladders, by making sure the first stitch on a new needle was really tight and by evenly distributing the stitches around the needles. :woohoo:

However, on closer inspection I have discovered that both socks have ladders along one side of the foot gusset. The socks I made were top down with a square heel flap and decreases on both sides for the gusset. The side with the k2tog decreases was fine, but the side with the ssk decreases has ladders all the way down. I remember that while I was knitting I noticed that my ssk’s tend to be loose and I tried to pull the yarn tight, but it didn’t work. :gah:

Any ideas?

Is there another stitch I could use instead of a ssk? Maybe a k2tog tbl? They seem like they might have a similar result.

Or is there something else I could try?

I’ve started a second pair of socks and I finished turning the heel but now I’m afraid to start the gusset and then have to rip it back.

k2tog tbl twists the stitches although it will still be left-leaning. It depends on the individual knitter, a bit like tension. You might like to try out some different decreases on a swatch and see which looks best the way you do it. Slipping the 1st st. kwise and the 2nd one pwise gives a flatter result for many people (check out Nona’s post on trying out many deifferent decreases). And try to slip the st.s gently without stretching them.
keeping the decreases away from the needle bridge points (where the stitches go from knitted on needle 1 to needle 2 etc.) may help too. Also they will even out with time and blocking, or you can tighten them up and redistribute the slack.

Thanks for all those tips!

I’ll try blocking/redistributing the pair I already made, and I think I’ll make a swatch of different decreases to see how they look.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]As was suggested, lots of errors come out in the wash. I find K2togbl to be looser and more obvious than the SSK decrease. Just train yourself to tighten up the sts. When I insert my needle into the next st after the decrease, I give a tug to pull up any looseness I can. [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]