Socks on double pointed needles

hi, I am doing my 1st pair of socks, i have finished the rib part and I thought the right side was on the outside as the top of the rib looked neater i have now gone to do just the knit but the smooth side is now on the inside of the tube-have i knitted the wrong way round?please help as I dont know whether to carry on or start again.

[color=indigo]Yes, you may have changed directions when you started the st st, but there’s no way to know for sure as ribbing may look the same on inside and outside. :teehee:

If you want to knit your sock right side out, your two working needles and working yarn should be right next to your chest with the rest of your needles and sock on the other side. The fist picture will create an inside out sock. The second a rightside out sock.[/color]

I think that this is a fairly common thing that happens to new “round” knitters. I’ve done it twice so far.

Since you’ve already done the ribbing, just continue with the sock. When you’re done, just turn it inside out.

For the second sock, make sure, when you join, that the needles are by your chest, as opposed to them being away from you by your knees. This will ensure that your pattern is knit on the outside of the rounds.