Socks on Bamboo Circulars? Magic Loop/2 Circulars

I have 3 pairs of socks going right now: two on ChiaoGoo dpns and the third on 2 circulars (AddiTurbo’s). The third pair is for a class I’m taking for knitting socks on two circulars. Socks on circulars is faster, but I’m missing the quiet soothing little “shussssh” sound of the bamboo. My cat, who sits in my lap while I knit, is getting annoying at getting bonked with the dangling needles! The cable on the AddiTurbos are very flexible, so I’m hesitant to spend more $$ on bamboo and be disappointed. I’ve had some Crystal Palace circulars and felt the connector snagged the yarn too much.

Would appreciate hearing your recommendations/experiences.
-Using bambo circulars - preferred length and brand
-Magic Loop -vs- 2 Circulars prefrence

Auntie-Em, do you frequent TWTM boards? If not, please forgive my fowardness in asking. I just know a poster by the same handle over on WTM hs’ing board.

Have a fun knitty day!