Socks on 2 circs

I’m making my first two needle socks, and just on the leg right now. But just realized that it would be helpful to have a basic sock recipe/pattern for when it’s time to turn to the heal.

Can’t seem to find one online, any suggestions?

Hi! Go check out Silver’s tutorials:
They are very helpful. The 2 circs are for toe up, but if you go to the double point direction you should be able to turn the heel that way. I keep my heel stitches on one needle and only work that until it is time to pick up stitches and go back to circular.

Good Luck!

thanks for the suggestion… not sure why I didn’t think of Kristin’s site. However, I am working a top down sock. Anyone have a site or book suggestion for that?

If you know how to knit socks then it’s no big deal to use two circs. Usually the heel is done on about half the stitches so you’ve already got them that way with two circs. If it wants more or less just shift some stitches from the other needle. Piece of cake. :thumbsup:

This pattern is for cuff down socks on two circs if you need more help.