Socks oh so scary!

Hi first time poster. I have started my first sock. I purchased yarn and the book " Socks from the toe up " by Wendy D. Johnson. She mentioned KH in the list of resources. I’m still doing the toe increases but she only gives instructions for dpns, I’m doing magic loop because it’s my preferred method for knitting in the round. When I separate the sts to do the heel will I have to start working with dpns? Just got a call from my mechanic gotta go. Thanks for any help you all can give me. I’ll be back. :knitting: :muah:

I do magic loop toe up socks and they can be done from start to finish on the same needles. If they’re handy I will sometimes use dpn for the heel stitches but just because it can be easier than working with the circ - I work them two at a time and having the second sock and the rest of the one I’m working on just hanging around can be awkward. Knitter’s choice. If you don’t have dpn that size you can just stick with the circ, no worries. Enjoy!

Aww, don’t be scared of socks.
In addition to GG’s suggestions you could use markers on the circular needle to mark off the places of the dpns. That may make it easier to follow Wendy’s directions as written.

Wow 2 at a time?! I’ve heard of such things but for now I think I’ll just try to get the hang of one before I go hog wild. Although this too is on the bucket list. I gotta crawl before I can run.

Thanks for your advice I might try that. You guys are great!

I don’t mind dpns and I’ve got a ton of KP’s options and dpns. I just prefer magic loop and if I do transfer to dpns how do I do it? She says to take all of the sts from needles 3&4 to one needle well as you know with magic loop you only have the 2 points. So I know that this is probably a really dumb post but I’m just kind of confused. Sorry to be a silly newbie.

No, it’s not a dumb post. My heel stitches are always already on one needle. I think yours will be too since they’re on needles 3 and 4. When I use dpns for the heel I just work the stitches onto the dpn and pull the circ so it will just dangle, it’s not necessary. You can just work back and forth with the circ’s tips and for one sock I’m sure that really is better. Does that help? I’ll see if I can find a useful video for you.

This is not a heel as you’ll be doing it but it shows how the heel sts are worked when you do magic loop.

(I’m glad I found this video, the sock example she uses looks a lot like a toucan to me so now I know how to make a toucan! :thumbsup: )

Thank you so much that does help and it does make sense. :hug:

Thanks for the link. You’re fabulous! :hug: