Socks - needle question

I am hoping to get some book gift certificates for Christmas to use for knitting books. Among others I want to buy Knitting Socks on 2 Circulars. What size circs should I buy? I want to start looking for needles on Ebay. I think I would be using fingering weight most of the time. I read somewhere that you should knit on smaller needles than usually called for to make a more durable sock. I know it depends on the guage but what do you sock knitters use most?


All of the socks I have knitted so far have been in sock weight yarn {Patons Kroy and Bernat Sox}. I used 2.75 mm dpns for the Kroy and 3.25 mm dpns for the Sox. I’m not sure what those are in US sizes though. I haven’t tried any of the circular methods yet, but from what I understand that if you are doing the 2 circs method, you need 2 circs that are at least 20" and if you are using magic loop, you need a circ that’s at least 40".


I just ordered size 2 addi’s which are 2.75 mm and size 3 addi’s which are 3.35mm. I also have sizes 0-4 in 16" and 24" in Inox circs & am working on getting the same sizes with my addi’s. I think 2 and 3, possibly even 4 are good starting sizes if u r using fingering wt or sport wt

Thank you everyone!!!

I think most of the patterns in the book call for size 1,2, or 3 needles. She usually give a range and says to choose which size gives you gauge. Size 2 seems to show up most frequently in the patterns. HTH!

I use 16" circs for the 2-circ method and they’re perfect. :thumbsup: Knitpicks Parade knits on US4s but everything else seems to call for US1-3…sigh, another excuse to buy needles. :wink: