Socks, needle lengths?

Would it be possible to knit socks with needles longer than 5", perhaps with needles as long as 9"?

When I first started on socks I didn’t have anything smaller and I did…I find that they get in my way now and like the 5" much better…Knit picks is 6" though and you wouldn’t think that an inch could make that much of a difference but it can…or even a 7"… it’s really all in what you are comfy knitting them with…:thumbsup:

I wanted to add that I don’t think knitting on 9" gave me as good as tension though as the smaller dpns do for a sock…

My dpns are 8" long and I’m doing socks with them right now.

My dpns are 7" and I’ve never had a problem with them

I use 7-inch for socks, mittens, hat tops, sleeves, everything…I think that if you’ve become accustomed to a certain length of needle, you can use it for almost anything!