Socks (maybe)

Ok…I want to try socks, but I have some questions…

  1. What is the best yarn to start with? I want something soft.

  2. What size dp’s or maybe circle needles? Um…any clue which is easier?

  3. Is it true…the horrors of knitting one sock only to have the second be way far off??

I’m thinking that I may need one more project. (just don’t tell hubby :whistle:)

I made my first pair of socks from a patons worsted weight yarn. But that was for my husband’s size 15 feet.

Since then I’ve taught most people with a sports or DK weight yarn. Then we made small socks. Mainly to get the technique down.

In regards to the second sock syndrom. I only ever had that once. I finished the sock and then didn’t have time cast on right away. For me the key is to cast on right after I’ve finished grafting the toe. As in the same breath! :wink:

For me, the one time I didn’t was because the kids had snapped two of my dpns and I didn’t have the money to purchase new… and I’ve never knitted the second sock yet!

As per the dpns versus the circs… I use both and like both. When I’m doing a lacy pattern or something a wee bit more particular I like the points on my KP sock needle dpns. Okay, I love them.

I’m using Hiya Hiya needles in size 1 or so for my magic loop method. I like the ML method because it is easier and I find faster because you are changing needles less frequently. Often I’ll ribb the cuff ML method and then switch to dpns for a fancy leg, or keep up the ML, do the flap and gusset on dpns and switch back to ML for the foot and toe.

For toe up, ML for the short row toe, ML the foot, ML the short row heel, ML… okay… I knit them ML the whole way, :lol:

So there you go… one opinion amoung many. Try both and you’ll figure out which you like best. But give them both a good try…

Go for it!!! The needle question is a matter of preference. I haven’t tried 2 circs but I LOVE my DPNs and don’t want anything else. DPNs are great because once you get used to the extra needles hanging down (doesn’t take long), it’s just like holding 2 regular needles anyway! At first I was so afraid of dropping stitches that I used the little plugs at the end of the needles I wasn’t using. If you are afraid of that, try using wooden DPNs, they are less slippery.

NOT everyone has that 2nd sock syndrome. I don’t, once #1 is finished I am like a mad woman (:x:) to finish sock #2. I’ve heard others say the same. It’s hard to KEEP from finishing #2 as fast as you can, because you MUST have that matched pair.:teehee:

My first pair I made of Paton’s Classic Wool Merino. Not bad, but can’t be machine washed. Not a biggie though! Here’s a pic of my very first sock!:

Knit Picks has good sock yarn, but before you go committing to an online purchase, I would recommend you go get some Paton’s Kroy Sock yarn at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. If they don’t have it, Lion Brand has good sock yarn too. They are both great. Below is a pair I made with the Kroy, my Rav project ‘Kroyket Socks’:

I made all of them with Silver’s Sock Class and by my 2nd pair I no longer had to look at the instructions! Toooooooooo easy! Can’t wait to see your first!!!

:grphug: Thank you both!!! For some reason I find these terrifying(I felt the same way about cables too)

I think I’ll get both the dpn’s and circular, just so I can give both a try. I’m thinking thicker yarn, I can use them around the house, for the first pair.

Ok…I’m feeling brave!!! Tomorrow I’m getting the things I need and will give this a try!!!

Hold your breath…wait…I’ll hold mine…I’m sure I’ll have many more questions before this is over!!!

Hi! :waving:

Yeppers, I was terrified of socks, too! But I persevered and my first “accomplishment” are probably the ugliest socks ever made! :woot: But I love them! I sleep in them and they keep me nice and warm (up until they slide off my feet! But I’m usually asleep by then!!!

The good news is that my second pair really came out nicely, due to the fact that I had a great book to work with - Anne Budd’s “Getting Started Knitting Socks”. Treat yourself to this one. It’s wonderful and takes you from A-Z in a straightforward way!

Good luck, however you proceed, and please let us see a picture of your socks!

Happy knitting - :knitting:

Ruthie :hug:

I was terrified of socks at first as well, but once you try them, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll love them. There’s really nothing better than something made to fit YOUR FEET!

  1. The yarns I’ve used have been Julia’s Yarn Salvia and Zania as well as KP Palette and Over the Rainbow Twinkletoes. My favorite so far has been the Salvia. Soooo soft. And very reasonably priced.

I don’t like using DPNs, but as you can see… some people really like them. For me, they’re too much of a hassle, because I have to really shift the yarn every time I come to another needle. My preference is the Magic Loop method. It’s a bit tricky to learn, but once you “get” it, it’s SO fast.

I will say that from my own personal experience, if I have a choice (I have the needles), I will [I]never again[/I] do socks one at a time. It’s infuriating because, no matter how hard I try, the gauge is different from one sock to the other. I can literally just finish up with one and start on the other, and yet one will be tighter or longer than the other. Even if I do everything as close to the same as possible. Using the ML and doing 2 at a time, I’m able to quickly and easily make socks that actually fit the same! I have more tips if you’d like. Just let me know!

I love knitting socks. Once you get your first pair under your belt it’s almost guaranteed that your finished product will fit and be usable. I generally have several pair going. I like to have a basic sock with an easily memorized stitch pattern and a more intricate design so if I get bored with one I can work on the other. I have no problem with 2nd sock syndrome. I also much prefer dpns and as you can see it’s a matter of personal preference.

I actually eased into sock knitting by knitting a pair of “fuzzy feet” slippers (bigger yarn and needles to get the mechanics of the sock down), and then knitted some little Christmas ornament stockings before I finally ventured into a “real” sock!

However, it’s really easy enough to just jump into! I didn’t use Silver’s class because I didn’t know about it when I started, but I’ve heard good things about it.

There are a number of books available on knitting socks, and most of them give good directions.

I knitted my first two pairs the way Songbirdy did…by casting on the second one right away. I did, however, understand why Second Sock Syndrome exists. :slight_smile: For my 3rd pair, I learned to knit two at once using “Knitting Circles Around Socks” --though there are also several different books and methods for doing that!

I just finished pair number 5, and am looking around for a pattern to start my next pair! It’s addictive!

Cables are daunting-looking (like socks) until you try them. I remember my first cable swatch - afterwards I was like…that’s IT???

I’m glad you’re venturing into the socks, they are a great take-along project. Dr.'s offices, or just outside in the garden with the dogs I need something small I can pick up and go.


Ok…After my Dr.'s apt. I stopped at AC Moore, then ran to B&N. I am HOOKED UP!! I have…
2 circular knitting needles
4 sets of point protectors
1 set dpn’s
1 set stitch markers
1 book…Knitting circles around Socks, knitting 2 at a time.

I firgure I can try both methods and see which I’m more comfy with.

I’m off…must see how this all works :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll post pics as I go, and you can bet that I’ll be asking lots of questions…

I’ve never had that problem, but there is a reason.


:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

OMG…That is amazing!!! Someday…maybe I too can knit two at the same time…

It looks harder than it is.
It’s the only way I’ve ever knitted socks and I quickly discovered that single layer hats weren’t that warm (hats were the first thing I did with knitting).