Socks look pretty funny when you don't turn the heel!

I just made the ugliest pair of socks I’ve ever done!:mrgreen: First, I bought a ball of red, white and blue self-striping yarn where the blue/white combination was supposed to look sort of like stars for patriotic socks. Well…yeah, sort of.

I made them one-at-a-time, and though I worked on starting at the same color part of the yarn, they didn’t quite come out even.

But when I finished the first one, I thought it looked incredibly weird. Amazingly I remembered what I did so the second one matched. But I couldn’t figure out why it was so weird.

So, I’m doing my next pair 2-at-a-time, and was trying to remember exactly how to pick up the gusset stitches…and saw the instructions on turning the heel—and the light dawned! Can we all say, “duh!”:rofl:


I find myself doing that same thing if I’m not focused. I get that heel flap done and I’m anxious to start picking up stitches for the gusset and wondering why it’s feeling weird. I usuallly don’t get a complete round done before I realize what I’ve done.
I’ve knitted about 3 dozen pr of socks in the last 2 years, you’d think I’d be over that tendency by now.
My new one is when I skein up my newly spun yarn and I’m ready to take it off my swift, I forget to tie the skein to keep it from tangling while washing. What a mess.
The socks don’t look too bad. I like the patterning

Can’t say I’ve never done that before either.

I like the striping pattern, though. Doesn’t bother me when they stripes aren’t identical on the pair - I think it adds character and looks good.

Can’t say I have done that but I think your socks look fine. Beautiful!!!

The socks are really cute! I’ve made some with self-striping yarn also and think it gives themcharacter if they don’t come out a perfect match!! linknit41

I have that same yarn and I love it! However, most of my RWB clothing is different shades though :(!

As someone who’s petrified of even attemting to make socks (bought the dpns, but afraid to touch them-lol), I think you “weird” socks are pretty impressive. :yay: :yay:

I don’t get it. turning the heal, not turning the heal. :shrug: It is all Greek to me.

Your socks look like socks. :eyebrow2: