Socks knitted with acrylic and wool

I just realized (after knitting one sock) that the yarn is 72% acrylic, the rest wool. Have I made a mistake? I’m afraid that the socks won’t “breathe”. Before I start the second sock would like some advice.:??

I made three pairs for friends for Christmas from the Lionbrand Wool Ease which is 75% Acrylic, 25% Wool and they absolutely love them. I’ve had no complaints and these friends would tell me if they had a gripe. Granted they will only be worn in cool weather, I think they will be fine. Mary

I was wondering the same thing… I needed a dk weight for a sock pattern…all my LYS carries is Encore DK…they said that it would be ok for socks since it had some wool in it… I haven’t tried it yet though :thumbsup: