Socks.. is it normal?

To say lot’s of bad words and drop your needles on the floor every 5 minutes when you first start out??
Seriously, I’m feeling a bit challenged with these size 1 needles. They looked suspiciously like toothpicks when I took them out of the package.
But I do have a question I hope someone can set me straight.
In most of the patterns and tutorials I’ve looked at, it appears that the stitches are divided on 3 of the 5 needles that come in the pack and the working needle is the 4th? I think my pattern is telling me to divide my stitches on 4 needles and work with the 5th. Is that also done?



You could divide your stitches among three needles and knit with the fourth or you can divide your stitches among four needles and knit with the fifth. Both methods are correct, just follow the pattern.
I personally do not like double pointed needles for knitting in the round unless I absolutely have to. I prefer to use the magic loop method (knitting in the round on one long circular needle). I just started my first pair of socks using magic loop. There are no needles to drop and lose, and I don’t have to wash my mouth out with soap :teehee:

Thanks angel4ever!
I may have to consider the loop method. I was working on 4 needles and just realized that I’m back on 3 needles with twice as many stitches on one of them.
Oh well, at least no one is home tonight to hear me :slight_smile:

I knit all my socks on two #0 circular needles, and that works great! But, for beginning sock knitters, I’ve always had a schedule, per se:

-Start out confidently, with wool and needles in hand.

-Knit happily and competently to heel, greet heel with apprehensive thoughts.

-Knit the heel flap, and commence turning.

-End up throwing knitting across the room, and say bad words.

-Pick it up again in an hour after a nice cup of tea/coffee/stiff drink, or whatever you like.

That’s how I started out, but don’t worry, it goes away, and you eventually become addicted to socks.

Thanks for the encouragement Braden! I really want to master these dpns and join the sock knitter’s club. I’m just starting my 3rd round and cautiously beginning to notice I’m not dropping the working needle so often :slight_smile:
If I get through the ribbing I’ll be sure to have a cup of my favorite Earl Grey Green tea ready before I tackle the heel and turning. And if that doesn’t work I’ll step it up to the stronger stuff.

are you using a good tutorial? you won’t have so much anxiety and frustration if you have good instructions and lots of pics. silver’s tutorial is highly praised for good reason. :wink:

If you’re only on rnd 3, the easiest part is ahead of you. The more rounds you complete, the better the stitches stay on the needles and the more ‘stable’ the knitting.

And don’t sweat the heel thing too much. I used Silver’s tutorial for my first pair (still refer back to that tutorial sometimes) and just took it one tiny step at a time. It all works out.

And wait 'til you go back to working with size 8 or above needles. You’ll feel like you’re knitting with baseball bats!!

Thanks for all the help. I’m using the pictures from Silver’s tutorial as a guide but following the pattern I got with the yarn at my LYS. The owner said to come in if I needed any help. It sounded like she expected she would see me when I got to the heel and to learn the kitchener stitch.
I’m happy to report that now that I finished a few rounds it’s going much better. I’ve got about 2.5 inches of k2p2 ribbing!!

Thanks again

I almost always have three needles going around and knit with the fourth needle. I will use four needles going around and knit with the fifth is the pattern has repeats in four sections as it makes it easier, but it seems to make it a little fumbly with too many needles. I definitely prefer the fewer needles getting in my way.

I figured out an easy way to get started with dpns when there’s only a few stitches… put your stitches on only 2 needles and knit with a 3rd. After a few rows (especially if you increase along the way) add the 4th needle and later the 5th if you use it, and rearrange your stitches. It’s easier to start with less needles, and as your work gets easier to handle when it gets longer, add the other ones then.

Also, it’s completely normal to get addicted. So don’t worry when you do.

to prevent falling stitch, i always use a knit accecories…i forgot the name…but it’s used to close the other edge of needle…it’s a little bit annoying at first and make my knit slower…but i get used to it…i enjoy dpns now…and considering to add my collection…
i found problem with circle needle when i have to finish small number of stitches…like when i want to finis a hat or tube bag/drawstring bag) i don’t have 16"…but i don’t think that will always resolve my problem…so, at some point, still, i have to use both of them…circular and dpns…