Socks in stockinette stitch

I’m not a fan of ribbing, so I wanted to know if I can knit every round of my socks ( making them in stockinette stitch ) without them curling. I know stockinette usually curls, but the cover of my pattern has some socks that look to be all knit, so I didn’t know if that was still true with socks.

This is my first pair, and I can already tell I’m about to have a huge sock addiction. The yarns are so beautiful and there are so many to choose from! I can’t believe I haven’t been making socks all along! :inlove:

I hate ribbing socks too, but I usually do 2" or so of ribbing anyway. I’m sure they would curl otherwise. The ribbing also helps them stay up.

Stockinette curls even in the round. If the picture shows socks in all stockinette they probably blocked them for the photo, but whether they stay that way is another matter.

If you really hate ribbing that much you could do some other edge like garter or a hemmed edge. There are some patterns that have a lacy top although I don’t know if they stay up. Ribbing does help them stay up.

Here’s a picot hemmed edge
Picot edge

I’ve also found that ribbing followed by stockinette for the rest of the sock also tends to sag after a while. I am finding that adding cables to the body of the sock gives a lot of elasticity to the whole sock and helps them stay up all day.