Socks in KP's Parade anyone?

I ordered some Parade on sale today (more yarn on sale, btw) and realized after that it’s a thicker weight than typical sock yarn and calls for larger needles. I am now concerned because a) I fear 2 balls won’t be enough with the lesser yardage and b) I am not sure what pattern to use. Has anyone made any to share some thoughts with me?

Thanks bunches.

I used parade for these socks and it took 2 balls so you should be fine unless your feet are size 15! I didn’t have a lot left, but there was a little. I used Silver’s Tutorial for mine.

those came out awesome!!! i’ve been wanting to do silver’s tutorial, but i really hate working ribbing, so i’ve been sticking with patterns that only call for like an inch or so of rib and then switch to stockinette. i wear an 11… do you remember what needle size you used?

thanks! :slight_smile:

after seeing those socks in parade i’m really tempted to buy some since it’s on sale! I haven’t even attempted sock knitting, but i already am addicted to thought of buying yarn for it! :rofling:

Sean…you can totally do Silver’s tutorial without doing ribbing the entire way down the leg…just do a few inches then switch to stockinette until the leg is the length you want, then follow the instructions for the heel from there.

I’ve knit 2 pairs of socks with Parade so far – one on US4s and the other on US3s. Not a huge difference IMHO. :smiley:

I think I used a 4 for these. And yes, you can just do as much ribbing as you want and then move on. It does get easier though as you get used to it.

well, let me ask you, when you do the whole ankle/calf in ribbing, does it feel snug? I not only hate working ribbing, but I don’t particularly like the way ribbing feels either. Even when I shop for long-sleeve tops, I always search for what I know now is rolled stockinette necks, sleeves, and bottoms. I just don’t like it, except in an occasional turtleneck anyway. maybe i’ll work a gift pair in the full rib just to get some practice out of it and stick with stockinette for me or something… i just hate when things are snug, but then again, i don’t want the socks falling down on me either. well, actually that probably wouldn’t bother me… me? indecisive? never.

i did mine on size 3 and those puppies are SNUG (and i have narrow feet)

i hope they soften in the wash, b/c i found the finished product to be a little rough

If you knit them toe up, you can just keep going until you run out of the first ball of yarn…you’d be able to decide once the foot is done if you have enough to do a crew sock or if you should just make ankle socks.

i’ve looked at some toe-up patterns and they frighten me… i’m considering it, though. thanks!

Really…I feel like they are easier than top down. No picking up stitches…

i think it’s one of those fear what i don’t understand things. i’ve never done a provisional CO or the figure-of-eight thing or anything like that really and am pretty new to sock knitting so it just freaks me out. i think this would be a good time to try it, though, most definitely. i have some time to wait for it to arrive so maybe i’ll be ready to try something new by the time it gets here. :wink: thanks. :slight_smile:

If you decide to try it, THIS might help.

oh that’s awesome! thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Sean, this video walks u thru provisional cast on; it’s very good :wink:

:shock: That alone might make me try toe up!

I don’t have any w/o ribbing so I can’t compare, Sean. Mine don’t feel tight though at all. I have a woman’s size 8 foot and while my feet are wide my legs are average size. I didn’t alter the pattern at all and it’s fine.