Socks in 8 ply?

I would love to try knitting socks.I have used dpn’s a few times to make beanies and quite happy with the outcome so now I would love to try socks. I have heaps of 8 ply yarn, mainly acrylic or acrylic blends, that I’d like to use before buying much more (gotta attack the stash).Can 8 ply acryilc yarn be used for socks?What pattern do you suggest is the best for a first timer?TIA

Yes, you can make socks from 8 ply (med. worsted weight) yarn. There are a few listed at the Knitting Pattern Central site:

an interesting article from the Summer 2006 issue of Knitty ezine

I’m sure if you search the web you could find more. Good luck on your stash busting.

PS. In the event I misunderstood the weight you were using MagKnits has a pattern for sport weight size yarn:

It’s no problem finding patterns for worsted weight socks, but just a couple of cautions. Acrylic might not be the best choice for socks because it does’t breathe. Sweaty feet…not so comfortable. Also if you plan on wearing them with shoes worsted weight can be too thick. You might consider using the acrylic for a different project and choosing a wool or cotton worsted for your socks.

Hmmm? Thank-you for that. I think I’ll have to figure out a new project for my stash. Maybe I’ll make 1 pair in the 8 ply to see if I can do it before buying more yarn.
What to do with my stash??? think I’ll have to check out the stash buster threads.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

I used the worsted weight yarn the first time making socks. I made them with the idea of house socks. This way I didn’t worry about the socks fitting my size 6 shoe. They have a lot of them on the knitting central site. Good luck on making socks I love making them.