SOCKS: how to carry yarn for thicker sole?

Hi! I’m making what are turning out to be beautiful thick socks for my DH, they’re called Clog socks in that sock book (the one that looks like a sock). I was supposed to carry two threads at a time but I didn’t want to coz it’s thick yarn as it is but then it seemed a little loose so I carried some thin sock yarn along for the heel.

I figured I’d like to do that on just the bottom, the sole, but not the top of the foot because it’s got some twisted cables & is thick already. But on dpns, I quickly found you can’t, I mean how can you just carry the extra yarn on the two needles when you’re doing a round? It’s in the wrong place when you come around for the sole.

Sorry this was so long… ! Any help appreciated!

I’ve thought that would be good for slipper socks, but I don’t see how it can work unless you do the kind of socks where the sole is replaceable like the EZ Moccasin Socks. :think: I printed out this pattern from a library book, but haven’t tried it yet.

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Hi Jan:waving: yeah, ok so it’s not just me. I thought maybe you could ‘strand’ the yarn across the two heel needles but that would be a big strand! if you see what I mean. I’ll have to go look at EZ’s book about that replaceable sole. I have her other book but not this one.

I spent lots of time trying to figure this out last winter, so it’s not just you. I just don’t think it can be done in such a way as to really work. If anybody has brilliant ideas ,please share!

Carry a 2nd strand across and cut it. Lather rinse repeat.

Don’t understand the lather, rinse, repeat part.

Mike just means to cut the 2nd yarn at the end and then start using it again when you get to the other side. This will, of course, leave you with lots of lose ends to weave in. But I also don’t see any other way to do it. Well, the replaceable sole construction also previously mentioned.

That is what I mean.

But you just knitted them across half the foot, I don’t see why you would have to weave them in. Cut them flush like you would if you were doubling up with a skein change that you knitted the end in with.
With those you double up with 3-4 stitches and call it woven in.

Any reason I couldn’t knit the sock, then go back and duplicate knit that part of the sole that I wear out? I just thought of that but don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Losnana, I think that would work but would be pretty labor-intensive. I find that switching to a smaller size needle for heavy wear areas like heels and toes, or even the whole foot, helps prolong sock life. I have “sockiverous” toes and my husband has “sockiverous” heels, and use only wool blended with synthetic or wool/cotton/and/or/bamboo blended with synthetic for socks. These blends also help the socks last longer.
Actually, it’s a little frustrating that our socks last so long! :wink: My sock yarn stash is building and building, but our sock drawers are full to overflowing! He and I have picked out these great colors and patterns we love, but have no room for more socks!