Socks 🧦Help!

Good Morning. I am a new knitter that’s fairly remote. I have joined a knitting group, but don’t have easy access to them.
I am wanting to start a pair of toe up socks using magic loop. I have watched videos and read and read. Thought I was ready to go but…I have a worsted weight wool but a size 2 needle. I can’t figre out how to convert the pattern. The pattern calls for a size 5. I can’t get that size for at least a week and I am leaving for a camping trip and REALLY want to work on these socks during the trip.
Is it doable? I have a small but wide foot.
Tha is for any help!

It’s likely that your yarn and needles will not get along. Worsted weight on a size 2 will produce a rather stiff knit fabric and it’ll be hard on your hands. The best way to see this though is to give it a try yourself on a small swatch.
Might be better to go with needles closer to the pattern recommendation or find a thinner yarn and pattern that will work with the size 2 needles.

Thank you for your reply.

I can attest that, while you can technically work with these materials, it isn’t going to be something you’ll want to wear on your feet, especially for long periods of time. when I first started knitting I did a lot of experimenting with yarn weights and fibers and needle sizes and a size 2 is almost certainly going to be way too small for a worsted or other medium weight yarn.

That being said, it may have some interesting results and it never hurts to try. the fabric will be thick and stiff. this combination might not be a bad idea for a pot holder or something like that. good luck!