Socks: Gusset Turning - not enough stitches

I’m making Lion Brand’s Cottage Socks but my stitches don’t jive…

it says:

Row 6 P across remaining 5 sts.
Gusset and foot K across the 5 sts of heel turning, pick up and k 8 sts for heel gusset, place plastic marker, k across 10 sts for instep, place plastic marker, pick up and k 8 sts for heel turning, place plastic marker-31 sts.

I make it 23 stitches instead…if you have 5 and 8 on each side you get 23 :think:

What am I missing here???


I count 31 stitches: 10 instep, 8 for both sides of the heel flap (16 total) and 5 for the heel turn.

Oh, I get it, (DUH!!!) it’s the 10 stitches on the stitch holder.:doh: