Socks & Gauge Frustration

OK, so I’m trying to get started on another pair of socks (two at a time, toe up). The yarn I’m using is new to me, Plymouth Happy Feet, so I did numerous swatches. Based on that I decided to proceed as I’ve done before:
Needles: 00
Gauge: 9 spi
Total stitches: 72
Pattern: Waffle Rib (two rows of k2, p2; knit two rows)

They’re too big! As I said, everything is the same as I’ve successfully used for socks before, except the yarn. I’ve even used the Waffle Rib pattern before and the socks fit fine. Is it the yarn? Even though the gauge is the same, can a different yarn affect the size?

The socks are now in a temporary time-out until I decide how to proceed. I’d really like to use this Plymouth yarn as the color is ideal.


How very frustrating. Well, a different yarn can certainly affect gauge. The fiber content, the way it’s plied and possibly the way it’s treated after spinning might all contribute.
or maybe this one?
Can you check the gauge on the sock that you have so far to see if it’s the same as your swatch? If so the only suggestion I have is to knit a smaller size or work with fewer sts.

The yarn I have must be this one as it doesn’t have the (DFM) in the name:

Yes, the gauge of the portion I knitted is the same gauge as my swatch, 9 spi. That’s what I don’t understand, same gauge, different fit?

Oh well, this will only be the third time I’ve started over on these socks. :rofl:

Perhaps it’s time to get started on the test knit hat for XtopherCB instead!

As you’re knitting toe up you can adjust the fit as you go. It looks like you’re using a pattern with a 4 st repeat. Try using one less repeat and see how that works. When I knit socks I increase until with a little stretch they would go around the ball of my foot, I don’t ever do a gauge swatch first. To test the fit before I can actually put it on my foot I lay it across the widest part of my foot and see it will go across the top. A little stretch in this part is good. I’ve even gone up a needle size after knitting the toe and realizing the fabric was too stiff.

I’m swatching with my third yarn for X’s test knit. I think I’ve got gauge, a few more rounds on my swatch and I’ll decide.