I am knitting my 1st pair of socks.I am doing them on 2 circular needles.I have size 2 Knit Picks needles and I love it. :cheering: I havent done much yet, but love the tiny stitches…AmyC

Woohoo!! I am also knitting my frist pair of socks on DPN’s (I’m doing some on straight needles, but knitting in the round is such a huge accomplishment). :slight_smile: Well done! I hope to see pics!

I LOVE knitting socks. Once you do that first pair & see how they’re much easier than you thought, they can become quite addictive!

:cheering: :cheering: WTG, how exciting to have more socknitters :cheering:

I think we’re related :happydance: Love doing socks on two circs. Gotta see your pics when you’re done.

They are very addictive. Am working on some right now, along with other projects.