Socks From Leftovers

Back around March or April of last year I received a box full of sock yarn leftovers from [B]Yarnflyer[/B] in response to a request I had made. The yarns were very nice quality yarns. There were no labels included. Below are a few of the socks I have made so far and just wanted her to see what had become of the much appreciated yarn. I hope she is still using this site. There are two links below for two other pair that I no longer have pictures of on my laptop.

Here is a link to one other.

Some of her yarns were used in this pair of socks.


Thank you.

hey, helix striping! doing that now, but only with 3 yarns, and then a 4th yarn for the toe/heel. your work looks wonderful, all of it! :wink:

Those look great!

Oh, wow! You made terrific use of those leftover yarns. It’s such a pleasure to see the yarns put to such beautiful use. Well done.

VERY nice job on all 5 pairs!!!

This is inspiring. Mixing those leftover bits will be fun. I’m make them to mismatch on purpose. Granddaughter claims mismatched sox are her life. lol

Great socks, thanks for sharing. I’m building up a stash of leftovers from socks and plan to use every little bit if I can.

Thanks everyone. I’ve had a lot of fun making these socks. The helix method is a good way to stripe without the jog at the join.