Socks for my Hubby

I’ve been knitting socks for my hubby for the last 2 years or so and he is wearing them everywhere inside the condo and outside in the hall. HE wears two socks on each foot at a time… he likes the warmth but he’s using them like they were slippers and they are not.
So I’m looking for a good hardwearing yarn that I can knit them with.
They are very large socks and they take me time to make so I’m not so thrilled to keep doing them and having them threadbare by the end of the month.
Any suggestions?
TEMA :knitting: :knitting:

Maybe you could knit some from a worsted weight yarn to go over the “real” socks? :think: Just don’t tell him their really slippers? :???: Maybe an acrylic yarn for the outside pair would last longer. :shrug:


sorry just had too.


Acrylic can tend to make your feet sweat since it doesn’t breathe like wool. I’d go with a heavier weight wool yarn like worsted. Superwash if you don’t want to hand wash them. I have heard that non-superwash is sturdier, but I don’t have any experience with that.

Maybe something like EZ’s Moccasin Socks would be good so you can replace the sole when it inevitably gets holes?

Thanks Jan for your helpful suggestion. I love the moccasin sock slippers but perhaps there is something simpler for me to look at?
I’ve only ever knit plain socks.
I’m having problems with my thyroid which leave me quite stupid so easier is better… thanks.
Thank you too, GrumpyGramma… I have been knitting with worsted yarn and its 100% acrylic… do you think I might have better luck with wool?
I’ve also knit him socks with worsted and sock yarn held together as I knit… they look lovely but it didn’t seem to help the sock’s longevity.
Anyway, I’m completely stumped and I’m wondering if there isn’t some kind of magic yarn I haven’t tried yet… :slight_smile:
TEMA:knitting: :knitting:

Hi Jan… I just reread what you wrote… I’d love to be able to replace the sole instead of doing the whole sock… what a grand idea!
Perhaps I could just make a template of the socks he’s wearing, knit up the pattern and sew them onto the socks. At least, then, he’d have more ‘sole’… (pun intended… heehee!)
Well, congratulations, Jan… at least you got my brain working… LOL!:thumbsup:

I grabbed his socks. He’s wearing one inside the other and both sets of socks are worn thru but I managed to make a template from them… a little larger than the sock, itself, so I can sew them on when I get them knit…
Wish me luck!


Just a thought here. Mindie Tallack has an inexpensive pattern for felted house shoes on Ravelry called Duffers. They’re only 19 rows and she’s just updated the pattern to include men’s and children’s sizes. Maybe your DH could wear those atop a single pair of socks??

Take a look see, and if you or he don’t care for them, it was a thought…

It was a lovely thought, Charlotte… and I thank you for it most sincerely for thinking of them…
I don’t think I will be making them… they seem a little out of my league (a very small league, to be sure)… but I have to say… I just love them! How cute! :thumbsup:
TEMA :knitting:

Hi Tema,

I know what you mean about complicated. I was thinking of trying them some time, but I also think I’d do them w/o the fancy stuff. If I find an easier pattern with the same idea I’ll post it.

ETA: Just found this one, but it’s in a book. I found it at my library though and placed a hold. -

One Skein Wonders has a pattern for knitting Hiker socks. They’re sturdier and done in a broken garter stitch. Here’s another pattern that’s similar so you can see what it looks like. Another suggestion would be to make him tube socks. They would be an easy knit for you since there’s no heel turn.

This is a thread about hard-wearing socks and the yarn to make them from–and [B]why[/B]. The OP asked about hard-wearing socks, and I responded about yarn, which answers at least part of her question.

Maybe some of my response will help. Acrylic is not recommended for long-lasting socks for anyone who uses the socks for walking. Baby socks, yes; bed socks, yes; but socks that will be subject to the pressures of a foot on the ground/floor/in a shoe, no. At least, that’s what Clara Parkes, my source for the information, says. :slight_smile: