Socks for my Bro (not a gift)

Yarn: Fortissima Colori
Color: 9097

(I’m not sure about the yellow yarn information)

Sock Construction:
-toe up
-two socks on two circs
-At this time I know that I used a crochet chain to cast on to start the toe
-No idea what the heel is called, but it’s modelled after heel pattern from knitty
-Elizabeth Zimmerman’s bind off

My brother was here to visit me two years ago and I said I wanted to knit a pair of socks for him. I took him to my lys and once the owner showed him the sock yarn, we set him free. He came back ten minutes later with enough yarn for three pairs of socks (four or five if you include the secondary colours for the toes and heels). I started the toe and made it to the heel and then stopped…for about 2 years. I got back into it by finding a nice heel construction and kept at it until I finished them today.

The model is my husband whose feet are a little bit smaller. I wish I would have put in another yellow stripe, but overall am pleased with how they look. Hopefully, they will fit my brother to a tee. Since he’s three provinces over from us, I had to rely on a piece of paper (with his foot traced on it) to make it the right size.

Anyway, I’m glad my knitting project didn’t turn out the same as my cooking project :mrgreen:

They look great!! I like the colors.

Those look great!

Aces. :thumbsup:

They look great! I bet your brother will be thrilled :slight_smile:

Nice! The socks, too!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]These are really nice. Just love the colours and the design.:cool:

To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question.
:knitting: [/COLOR]

GREAT WORK! And I think that you put is just enough yellow. Another yellow stripe would be overkill! You did just right!!! :thumbsup:

Love the cosy socks ,I would love to be able to knit socks I am in ealry stages of athritic feet ,they would keep me cosy.

Or crochet socks.

Very nice colour.:yay:

Very nice! Great combination of colors :thumbsup:

Great looking socks! Very manly. He’ll love them.

:happydance: They look great!

Fabulous!!! I know he’ll be tickled with them!

Those are great socks!! Is that a self patterning yarn or did you do all that yourself? Either way it’s super. I’m impressed with anyone who can figure out that two socks at a time stuff. Have you gotten your brother’s reaction yet?