Socks for father's day

Generic heel flap/standard heel shaping blah blah. Continuing the k3/p1 rib down the inseam.

Anzula squishy yarn. Indeed, it is aptly named.

Perfect for Father’s Day! Those socks will be terrific and in a truly spectacular color, too.

Nice! Are they red? Looks a little pink on my screen.

Stupid flash made it look pink. I’ve gotta upload a non flash shot.

I’m already decreasing the gusset. :slight_smile:

What a great idea! Your Dad is a lucky man.

Lookin’ good! I look forward to seeing the finished socks!!

These are for my husband. :slight_smile:

On some cameras you can adjust the brightness of the flash. Best idea is to take the project outside or put near a window for natural light.

Those will make a great gift!

Lovely color!

Yeah…two year old was being obnoxious and all the blinds were closed due to the heat. I haven’t noticed on my phone, the ability to dial down the Flash intensity. Hmmmmmm.

Oh yeah… probably can’t do that on your phone. I can do it on my camera though. Your best option with a phone is open the blinds long enough to take a pic or run outside to snap a quick one. Maybe while toddler is napping. :teehee: I had two kids… one would have sat and read a book quietly while I did something and the other would have been “helping” me or creating a disturbance of some type.:doh:

Oh man, I so can relate!

Decreasing gusset. :slight_smile:

So pretty!

You do socks good. Really good. :thumbsup:

Very cool! (or, Warm!)