Socks for Daughter-in-law in Tiki

This yarn is from Knit Picks Felici yarn in Tiki. They are for her birthday next month and she said she wanted color and color she got, lol. This yarn is machine washable and dryable and comes out so beautifully soft to the touch. I am still trudging away and two more pair for my husband to take on our cruise and hopefully will then be able to finish the sleeves of a lace sweater I made to wear to dinner on the cruise and a mohair wrap I made to wear on formal night. I have until the 3rd week of Sept to finish it all so I imagine it will all get done, but at the moment I am kind of sick of knitting socks. :slight_smile:

Fun! Fun! I deem these “party socks”! They are gorgeous, but sorry to hear you’re getting sick of making them (and still have more to do).

I do hope you can get everything done in time for your cruise. What could be better: lots of finished objects that you and hubby can wear and an exciting trip?


Scrumpdillyishous socks, Nonny! :yay:

They’re wonderful!! I haven’t ventured to socks yet. :think: Maybe in the future.

in another forum someone asked “what is your favorite thing to knit”? I was very surprised to see that more people responded that they liked to knit socks. I was thinking that I will likely never knit a pair as I would rather knit something that would be much more expensive but socks are fairly cheap. Most said that they get a great satisfaction from knitting them that I think I need to give it a shot after all.

They are perfect! I am another knitter who has never knit socks, but you inspire me to try!

What fun socks! People are going to start booking the cruise that you’re on just to see the latest from the “knitting lady”. Maybe take a break from socks and finish those lace sleeves. It would be fun to see the finished project and it will give you a fresh eye for DH’s socks.

message me when you do as I have the perfect pattern for a first time sock knitter. I had read several people’s instructions/classes on sock knitting and they all scared me to death. This woman was very straight forward and it was fairly easy to do. On top of that, I bought a book several years ago that has charts for making socks and it is terrific. If you are interested, pm me and I will send you the name of the author and the book. I use it all the time and it has wonderful patterns and such in it too.

Honey, socks are not necessarily cheap, frankly. I bought yarn for my husband’s cruise socks and the total made the socks around $30 a pair!!! lolol

I usually have 2-3 projects of different kinds going at the same time, but for some reason I just want to get the darn socks done. I actually love knitting socks and am taking yarn to knit 4 more pair between now and Christmas on the cruise with me. I guess maybe it is because I had a ton of problems getting the size right for these and my husband’s. She has large feet (as do I so I could try them on to see about the fit) and I had never made men’s socks. They kept being too big even though the gauge wasn’t off. I knitted this sock 6 times!!! I then discovered all my other socks were size 1 needle so changed to that did a gauge, knit it up and it fit perfectly as did my husband’s when I knit the first one.

I think you may have misunderstood me, socks to buy are very cheap. I know that sock yarn gets expensive

I gotcha! lololol Very true, but then when you think about it, anything we knit could be bought cheaper I think. The cool thing about knit socks are they are made to fit the person’s foot exactly not a variety of sizes. Sorry I misunderstood you! :rofl:

What fun colors! She’ll love them.

My oldest daughter loves coloured socks and something like hand knitted from me would make her guard and cherish them so I am considering venturing into this territory for that reason and to see why knitting them seems to be a favorite choice among some knitters. I can always start it as a secondary project as I imagine it would be even more portable than a sweater project.

Socks are incredibly portable. My daughter begged me for years to learn to knit socks and knit her socks. I imagine she has about 6-8 pair by now, the grandsons age 5 and 12 (cousins not brothers) get matching socks for Christmas each year, my best friend gets a pair for her birthday and this year my dil and son get their first pair. I found the greatest colored yarn called hayride so I decided the grandsons and my son are all getting socks the same this year! These are the first socks I have knit for my hubby and he tried the first one and and loved it so I imagine I will be knitting him more. Do you know though, I have one and only 1 pair of socks I knitted for myself! :rofl: That pair was the very first pair I ever knit because I thought if I screwed them up at least they were for me, but they came out fine! lol

Lively socks! I hope you get all your planned projects done in time for the cruise. Have a wonderful time.

Very nice! Very colorful! Great work!!!