Socks for big feet

I cast on for my first pair of socks last night, and though I haven’t gotten very far, I’m starting to understand the obsession that some of you sock knitting fanatics have. Anyway, it seems like two 50 or one 100 g skein(s) is/are usually required for a pair of “adult socks.” My question is, do extra large adult socks need more? DH wears size 13 shoes. I know I’ll have a better idea of how much sock I can from 100 g after I finish my first pair (for my modest size 6 feet), but I want to put in a KP order today for more needles (yay!), and I’d like to order some sock yarn for DH while I’m at it. I just want to make sure I buy enough. TIA!

I think that you will probably need 3 balls of 50gr sock yarn for this size socks.

Ah, that is what I suspected. Thanks for the quick reply!

My solution to this problem might not work for everyone. DH has large feet and I did run out of yarn - I had split the skein in half by weight - right near the toes. I simply used the same yarn in a different color to do the toes and now he loves them this way. He has many pairs of brown socks but they have special toes - red or green or whatever. I tend to buy multiple skeins when I find something I love so the red was for me anway. Like I said, it might not work for you but… it is an option to keep in mind.

Here’s a photo if it helps.

Very clever, and a great way to use up those extra bits. Thanks! (Nice socks, BTW!) Come to think of it, I have seen patterns that have different color toes and heels. It never occurred to me that it could be a way to economize!