Socks: FO Herringbone, WIP Cubist

I finished the herringbone socks yesterday and cast on Cubist socks to do as a KAL with friends at Knit and Crochet Moms (Cafe Mom group). If you click on the Ravelry button under my signature, it will take you to my project page on Ravelry which has the pattern link and yarn I used.

Both are really pretty! I love the sock colors, and that green is just gorgeous :slight_smile:

Beautiful socks! Can’t wait to see the finished Cubist ones.

Thanks! I really like that green color too, it’s called Bottle Green.:heart:
As I’m working on the Cubist socks, my 7yo asked me to knit him another pair of socks (I made him a pair, trying the toe up method, and for some reason, they always come out toooo tight in the ankle). Anyway, I’m dreaming up a pattern just for him (well, I should check to make sure it’s not been done). I call him “Turtle” and he also likes frogs and lizards, so I was thinking of using that green and making an embossed lizard or turtle (using garter stitch) on the sides of the sock! Hope that will work! :slight_smile:

Nice job! They turned out wonderful - love that green too!

Total sock envy here!

I like the socks too, especially the pattern you are using for the green ones. Is the yarn an old skein? I remember that label from years ago and have not seen it anywhere in a long time, or have you found a present day source for it?

If the green sock pattern is a free one, please post a link.

An old skein! Most of my yarn is either given to me or I find it at thrift stores. I’m the opposite of a yarn snob…would that be a yarn slob? I take what I can get and make do with it (though there are some patterns I’ve set aside until I have money to buy special yarn for them)

Oh, and here’s a link: Cubist Sock by Cookie A.

A frugal way to keep up with the obsession!! :teehee: Beautiful work on the socks!!

Progress being made on Cubist sock (color is off as I took this pic outside whilst knitting and sipping coffee)

Ooooo! Those socks are turning out beautifully! I love the pattern.

Thank you for the pattern link. I had saved that one and forgotten about it.

They are looking great. Do you have any tips on working the pattern?

Love the Bottle Green socks, and the Cubist Socks are looking great too. Cookie A’s patterns have always seemed well engineered to me, have made about ten or so different things from her.

I well remember the days of homeschooling, especially in the younger grades where I had to give up nursing shifts to be the teacher. We were blessed that he did high school and the first year of college on his own (just a bit of help from us) and now has a Masters in Psych. What’s funny, to me at least, is that he’s not using it, he works full time for the Army here in Oregon, and also has National Gaurd weekends, etc.

Looking forward to seeing how these latest ones come out.

Pay close attention to the pattern as you go…I had to rip it out a couple times as I didn’t realize that it’s NOT a k2 p2 ribbing to start AND when you start the leg chart, you first have to knit to stitches and then start the round. I used a piece of yarn to mark the start of the first round just so I’d know when I reached the end of each round.