Socks finished

I finally finished my son’s socks while working on other projects. I was going to try and reinforce only the ball of the foot my mind wouldn’t accept circular intarsia at the moment.

The yarn is self stripping and one sock was center pull and the other was around the outside of the skein.
The socks were fun and I am going to try doing two pairs of socks at the same time for my other sons.

That looks great, I’m sure he’ll love it!

They look great!

I just cast on a pair of socks last night - 2 at a time on 2 circs.

Thank you!
My son want to get a pair of sandals t show off all the different stripping effects. Turn them a bit and you can get the stripping to match. He loves them! Last night at my LYS knitting night, I put up two pair os socks on three circular needles. I think I will have some fun! I am making some socks for the other two siblings and then I can make some for me.:figureditout:

Love those! What yarn did you use?

Great looking socks :thumbsup:

Congrats! They look great!

Cute socks!

I actually got the yarn on eBay and it is called Flotte Socke by Rellana. It was best offer and I got a good amount with different colors for a song.

Thank you for the complements. I did start putting up two pair of socks on three cirs but when the line got tangled I had to frogg and redo singularly and then put them on the three needles.

They look great! Welcome to the wonderful world of socks :woot:

I am hooked on socks and have lots of sock yarn.