Socks, Dish/Wash Cloth, 'Lapghan'

Got 3 OTNs, looking for a 4th:

  1. basketweave pattern socks using Trekking XXL purple,

  2. columns of Greece pattern wash/dish cloth using Royale Fashion crochet cotton thread from Michael’s,

  3. navy ‘lapghan’ (my own concoction: small afghan-looking item made in a ‘t’ formation for use as a lap warmer or around the shoulders as a shawl. One of my office workers suggested it to me (very cold office, sometimes), and I have since made one for almost every lady in my office, 2 for others who saw theirs.

  4. ?? (I want my next project to be a kinda ‘easy-intermediate’ lace shawl (Ene shawl or plain Pi shawl considered), but also got my eye on the white shrug in ‘A Gathering of Lace’ on page 12!)

Barbara L.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Cool! Do you have any pictures? :slight_smile:

Yes, pics, please!