Socks and dpn's

Quick question. I have a sock pattern that the cuff I’m suppose to use size 2 dpns and the foot part to use size 1’s. I have size 1’s and size 3’s…bleh. Should I just go venture forth and get a size 2? Would I be safe going tightly on size 3’s or loosely on the size 1’s for the cuff? Your thoughts…

Maybe you could add a few more stitches for the cuff and do the whole thing with the 1’s?

See I was thinking the same thing…but I’m not entirely sure how many extra stitches to tag on. I’m doing the following pattern.

It has a ribbed cable repeat that is 8 stitches long…so would you think I should do an extra cable??

edited to add that the cast on with size 2’s is 72 stitches. This seems like alot to me…maybe I would be safe with just the suggested 72 stitches?

It does say that the needle requirements are size 1 :shrug: . They probably have a lot of stitches on the cast on because of the gauge of the cable stitches, which is why they go with the 2.

It also depends on the size of your ankle. I have ‘normal’ size ankles and cast on 76 stitches for the sock I’m working on–size 1 needles, and it fits fine.

Eight stitches more would probably make it an inch larger, which for some would be good, and some not so good. I’d probably go with the 1’s, and stick my leg in it as soon as I had a bit of length. :shrug:

It does on the web say size 1’s so that is what I bought. But when my yarn and pattern came I noticed it said size 2’s for cuff and 1’s for the rest. If I had known that I would have ordered both sets of dpns and not just the size 1’s. I guess I’ll just go for it with the 1’s and see how it goes…if I have to frog so be it! The cable pattern sounds fun to work anyway, hehe! :slight_smile: :teehee: I’ve done many cables but not the reversible cable pattern like they showed on knitty gritty the other day for that heirloom baby blanket. Thats the same cable pattern on this sock. I’m excited to knit it up. Thanks Ingrid for your help in deciding what to do :smiley:

Rissa, I’ve just ordered this same pattern and wondered if you had started yours? If so, how is it going? I’ve never done any cables before, but the pattern looked so pretty, I thought I’d jump in and try.

Have any hints for me on this pattern? Thanks bunches! :cheering:


Does the pattern give a gauge for each of the needle sizes?

It says:

7 1/2 sts = 1" using size 2 needles and 9 sts = 1" using size 1 needles measured over stockinette stitch knit in the round.