Socks and DH >>>

So one of my goals on this four day holiday (Mardi Gras) was to work on my first pair of socks. I’ve seen people make them and I have a video on making a sock on 2 circs.

Well, DH is home and has been sick all weekend, so the tv has been dominated by sports. I hate to force him to watch a knitting video!!! I guess I can work on it tomorrow!!!


oh bummer–I know you were excited to get going on that! I think – I’m SURE-- he needs a nap… :slight_smile: Are the socks for him by chance? Maybe you could convince him… :wink: Good luck, hope he feels better soon. Better yet, come over and we’ll do it together! How does 20 degrees and snow sound to you?

Let’s hope he’s feeling better soon! Everyone’s TV’s were dominated by sports this weekend I think. Superbowl Sunday is always a day for men (and some women) and sports!

I turned the Superbowl on long enough to see who won and turned it off again. LOL! I’d rather be knitting!

:hug: Hope he feels better soon!! Hopefully today you can watch the dvd and get started… :happydance:

Well, I just combined the two (sports and knitting), but I didn’t have to watch any videos, luckily. I knitted my way through to Superbowl yesterday…although hubby changed the channel about 5 minutes into the 2nd quarter, he was so disgusted with how sloppily both teams were playing. I’m not much of a football fan (but don’t get me going about baseball!!), so I wouldn’t normally have even sat in the same room. But, I was born and mostly raised in New England, so I had some interest in seeing whether the Pats could pull off the perfect season (and suspected that they could not).

When hubby decided to go mess with his guitar and/or his 3-D animation stuff, I turned it back on and continued knitting.

Upsides - got the 2nd wrister finished (full set in one weekend, woohoo!), and it’s pretty cool that the Manning brothers won back-to-back Superbowls.

Downsides - Pats lost. Oh, well, there’s always next year! And it’s warmer and rainy today, so I don’t even need the darned wristers. Phooey! :wink:

frogged and restarted the Clapotis and am doing much better on it now.

Currently watching a Richard Pryor movie. I’m guessing that the Three Stooges will be on at some point while DH recovers! :heart:

at least you have your friends here!