Socks and a baby berry hat

My march sockamania socks- I did them two-at-once on magic loop, the yarn is knitpicks essentials in meteor twist:

And a blueberry hat I did last night (still need to finish up the i-cord stem)

Cute hat! I’ve never seen anyone do a blueberry hat before - very creative and cute.
And nice socks too!

They’re both great! Love the hat.

Blueberry hat is VERY creative! What a wonderful idea… love the socks too!:thumbsup:

Thanks, but I didn’t invent it! :slight_smile:

Being the wildflower fan I am - the hat reminds me of a flower called Harebell. It almost has a fairy-cap quality to it (both the flower and the hat!). Sweet!
Here’s a link to a picture of harebell

What a pretty flower! :slight_smile:

Very nice socks and the hat is scrumptious!

:yay: they look wonderful!!

Nice socks, and I love the blue of the berry hat. I just made that hat in red. It’s a fun knit.

Cute hat and pretty socks! I was expecting a strawberry. It was a nice surprise to see a blueberry instead! Cool!

Great socks! So bright! I love the blueberry hat, everyone is always making strawberry ones. :heart: