Socks A La Carte

Does anyone have this book? I’d like to order it, but first I’d like to know if it provides instructions for DPN as well as 2 circs. I’ve checked out the book description on KnitPicks as well as Amazon, but it doesn’t really say. I know, I could probably “convert” it myself, but I’d rather have the instructions just written out for me. I’m not that self-confident yet.

The directions are given for 2 circs for all patterns. On page 19 it says “You can use double-pointed or circular needles to knit socks. While many patterns will specify one technique over the other; it is really a personal choice. For simplicity, the patterns in [I]Socks a la Carte[/I] use the two-circular needles method.”

I would not let that stop you from buying the book. I have not made any socks from it yet but it would not be hard to convert the patterns if you have knit socks before. They have instructions on how to knit with two circs and lots of other helpful information and instructions. The combinations are endless.

The best thing of all is the help you will get here if you run into a problem.


Thanks so much!