"Sockitectures" question for seasoned sock-knitters

I am knitting my first sock using Cat Bordhi’s book “New Pathways for Sock Knitters”.

Since I know nothing about other sock books (except the first one I bought, which did not help me) or about how most people knit socks, I don’t know how novel or ingenious these designs are. Is there anyone reading this post who is well-versed in sock-knitting and who has given her book a thorough going over who could tell me if her “sockitectures” are original and new or if they are established sock-knitting techniques which she is presenting in a way which is particularly effective in teaching me?

I don’t have the book, but I saw it at my LYS. From what I can remember it had some very different patterns in it.

Coriolis for one is VERY different. Here’s a free pattern for it when it was on DIY.

I found a bunch of the socks (various patterns from the book) being knit on Ravelry. Some of them look like they are constructed differently for sure. Maybe your library has the book?

Yep, I am doing a coriolis sock from the book now and it is VERY different and quite cool. I have made about 8 pairs of socks and so I have an idea about how socks are made, both cuff-down and toe-up. These are clearly different.

In fact, I never had such trouble knitting a sock!! I guess I am not as good at taking accurate measurements of my foot and my gauge as I thought I was! I never had to rip a sock back before. I have ripped this one 4 times…so far. But, I still want to keep going. I feel like, if I can “get” this, it will be a real insight.

I think the book is truly excellent. The socks look so interesting and unlike any socks I have ever seen…and one of the reasons I enjoy knitting is that it can result in a one-of-a-kind object.

I think Bordhi should be rewarded for her ingenuity and skill. She has designed some stitch markers which should be available soon, if they are not already. I plan to buy some just to show my appreciation!

Oh I’m sorry. :oops: I misunderstood your question. I see you already have the book. I’m glad you’re enjoying it and I hope you share photos in What’cha Knittin’ when you’re done. :wink: