i am working on the 'sock recipe’from knitty gritty and have come to the heel flap. directions read:repeat these 2 rows 14 times until the heel flap is a square. i’m wondering if this means there will be 14 rows total, or 14 in addition to thefirst 2? this shouldn’t be so tricky, as i have made socks before…thanks for any help. linknit41

IMHO I would think this means that you repeat the two rows you have just done, 14 more times (that’s 28 more rows) giving you 30 rows of heel flap. That is how I would read that instruction. Perhaps the “sock gurus” will correct me, if I am wrong.

You’ll work the first 2 rows, and then work the 2 rows an additional 14 times for a total of 30 rows.

thanks to The.Knitter and Ingrid–this is what i thought because later it says to pick up 16 st on sideof heel, and usually you pick up one extra, so it doesn’t leave a gap.back to the needles! linknit41