hi everyone, i just knitted my first sock using this site:
and it was awesome i really liked it. i was just wondering if i can change it to make a pair of socks for my husband?? can anyone help me with that???

I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed knitting socks :smiley: Okay, here’s what you do…measure the circumference of your husband’s foot around the ball of his foot and check your gauge. Multiply the circumference times your gauge, for example, if you husband’s foot measures 9.5 inches and your gauge is 8 sts per inch=76 sts. I normally subtract around 5% for snugness, …cast on 72 sts. Then, when you are knitting the foot, begin toe decreasing approx. 2 inches before the desired sock length. :smiley:

Hi Rebecca, thanks for that tip.

That’ll come in handy.

Ooh Becca - you are the sock mistress! I was wondering how to convert that for my mum, she has quite wide feet!

hmm, I didn’t know about subtracting %5, maybe that’s why my brothers socks looked so huge. Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

hi there becca thanks for the fast reply but i’m sorry i dont get it still lol. i’m feeling very out of it today. what do i have to do??

hi cheri!

do this:

:smiley: Hey, measure around the ball of your hubby’s foot.
Then see what your gauge is with the yarn & needles that you want to use.
Now, multiply the size of hubby’s foot by the number of stitches that you get to the inch when you measure your gauge swatch.
Now, after you get this number, subtract 5% of the number (this helps the socks fit snug). Then, if the number you get isn’t divisible by 4 (I say 4 because I always use a k2, p2 rib on the cuff), you increase or decrease to the closest # that is divisible by 4.
You can also look here for directions :wink:

OH MY GOD is the website down?? i was just looking at it last night. does anyone know when it will be back or IF it will be back???

Are you talking about Sock Class? It’s up, I just checked :smiley:

hi yes i was talking about sockclass. i guess maybe it just wasn’t working for me earlier, i just tried it again and it worked :slight_smile: