Sock yarn?

I’m making my first pair of socks using Trekking pro natura. It’s 75% wool, 25% bamboo. It looks great, but it seems rather thin, even for sock yarn.

Has anyone else used this before? I’m hoping that my project doesn’t become $20 toddler sox :doh:

what size needles are you using? and what gauge?

socks look and feel best when knit at a tight gauge (not tight knitting) on smaller than (ball band) suggested needles.

the knitted fabric should almost feel stiff as you knit it.

looser socks stretch to much as you wear them, (and don’t feel as comfortable because they get big and baggy.)

thin sock yarn makes fine socks (that feel good, and fit into your existing shoes and sneakers. loose (bulkier socks) my not fit readily into existing shoes.

I’m using #1 needles. I have to check my gauge; I’m still learning about the basics. Perhaps, socks, at this stage, are a little ambitious :shrug:

no sock aren’t too ambitious… just remember you are still learning…

it might take you 2 or 3 socks till you learn what you like.

you can unravel and re knit expensive (more than $5 a ball) sock yarn.

you can also practice on cheaper yarn… (but you’ll still have to experiment on the more expensive yarn, which is likely to knit up different)

but with each pair of socks,you’ll get better and better.

i knit nice socks now… but my first pair (after 7 or so years of knitting) were unwearable… they looked good, but trust me, they were unwearable!

Oh thank you so much, of troy!

I just started knitting in November and thought that I may have taken on more than my current skills will allow.

You’re right, I’m just going to practice. Next go round, I’ll buy less expensive yarn.

You all are always so encouraging; it’s no wonder, I can’t put the needles down :D[/b]

Its true that you may need to experiment on different needle sizes with different sock yarns. Maybe try 0’s if you arent happy with 1’s?

Im an avid sock knitter and I prefer DK wt yarns on 2’s or 3’s. I wear clogs alot, so I can wear slightly thicker socks… and they dont take as long as socks on TEEEEEENY needles.

I use DK wt socks for the class I teach because learning the construction of socks while trying to wrestle a tiny octopus can be frustrating! :teehee:

I haven’t used that specific Trekking yarn, but in general I would knit Trekking on sz 0s. I learned the hard way that tighter knit socks last longer. Good luck on your socks!

Kelly – what method of sock knitting do you teach? (DPNS, 2 Circs, etc…)?